Warren J.

Regional Vice President

Azura Vascular Care

My goal is to make sure that our patients keep their mobility and quality of life.

This goal is really personal for me. My own father always had really bad vasculature in his leg and never had access to the kind of care we offer—eventually he lost blood flow and mobility. Knowing what he went through makes me even more committed to our mission.

I want all our patients to know that when they come to one of our ambulatory surgery centers, they will have complete continuity of care from interventional radiologists, interventional nephrologists, and vascular surgeons. That’s what our ‘one team’ integrated approach is all about.

For our patients, this integration results in highly personalized, excellent service—I know that from the feedback I receive from them directly. When they walk in the door, they’re coming in with a problem, and when they leave, that problem is fixed, and they’re able to return to the clinic for lifesaving dialysis.

As one patient recently told me right after she finished a procedure, she not only felt great, the entire team treated her like family. For me, that’s the highest compliment we can receive.

“I want people to know that they will have complete continuity of care.”

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