Stephanie Y.

Social Worker

Fresenius Kidney Care

I tackle the barriers that can prevent people from thriving on dialysis.

When I first started at Fresenius Medical Care, I was concerned that it might be too challenging to work with a population on long-term dialysis. But what I thought was going to be the most difficult, also turns out to be the most rewarding part of my job.

As a social worker, I have time to tackle the barriers that can prevent individuals from thriving on dialysis. We just had a patient who was incarcerated. Another struggles without family support. And last year one of our most resilient patients suddenly became homeless.

In each case, I could jump in and be an ongoing resource for these folks, keep them motivated, and help turn things around.

For instance, that patient who was homeless a year ago is now out of the shelter, in stable housing with her mother and sister, and on a transplant list. Not only is she looking to the future, the entire clinic team will be right there with her for as long as it takes. If I ever need a reminder of why I chose to do what I do, this story says it all.

“You form some really wonderful relationships with your patients because you don’t see them in just a snapshot.”

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