Liz P.

Senior Director of Compliance

Fresenius Medical Care

My job is to get people to yes—in the right way.

When a Fresenius Medical Care team is working to turn a great idea into reality, my role is to brainstorm, problem-solve, and help navigate complex regulatory issues. I love working with people across the company who are driving innovation in the healthcare industry.

In Compliance, we have a department mantra. We never see ourselves as the police, but rather as personal trainers. This metaphor is particularly fitting because Fresenius Medical Care is filled with energetic people who have a natural drive to do the right thing for their patients.

Over the years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work on some very meaningful projects. One example is Fresenius Total Health, the first Medicare advantage program designed for people with chronic kidney disease. Because this is such a solutions-based culture, we built a plan that addresses the special needs of our patients—including dental and vision care.

And when I look at what we were able to accomplish, I take great satisfaction in knowing that because I never focused on saying ‘no,’ I helped both our team and our patients get to a much more meaningful ‘yes.’ Ultimately, that’s what makes working at this company so rewarding.

“I don’t see myself as the police, but rather as a personal trainer."

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