Liz F.

Patient Care Technician

Fresenius Kidney Care

I can usually sense when someone needs a bit more support.

Being a technician is absolutely amazing. I get to help people every day, learn about their families, and help make their treatments more comfortable.

Something as simple as bringing a blanket to a patient, plugging in headphones for them, taking their socks off if their feet are bothering them—these little things really matter when you spend four hours sitting in a chair, three days a week. Some of my patients spend more time with me than they do with their own families, so I need to be particularly attentive and sensitive to how they are feeling.

Because I work so closely with my patients, I can also usually sense when someone needs a bit more support from a nurse or social worker or the dietitian. From the moment I started, I’ve been impressed with the way everyone on the team works together and by how much opportunity there is in this company to learn and grow.

This has actually inspired me to think about nursing school.

My colleagues have been incredibly supportive and so have my patients. I can’t tell you how much it means to get that kind of encouragement from the people I care for every day.

“Even a quick smile tells a patient that I see you and thanks for coming in.”

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